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The emergence of Training and Development stemmed from the origins of human learning itself. From survival-driven knowledge; to education; and the development of various work-related purposes, this field has evolved to be one of the most pivotal units in the outsourcing industry.

Many successful companies have been taking necessary steps to invest in Training and Development for their employees. For the most part, a team member’s performance relies on an organization’s ability to go beyond the initial new hire onboarding and provide sustained coaching and strategic learning whenever possible. Without these programs, employees will never understand how to do their jobs, and none of the organization’s goals are attainable.

Omni’s humble beginnings

In 2017, Omni was at its outset and had its first client, who provided the initial Training to a pioneering team of one manager and four team members. There were no definite learning guidelines at that time. It took several weeks of adjustments, and eventually, the client assigned one person in the US to manage the team in Manila. The Training lasted for three weeks until the team members were equipped with the knowledge to work independently.

The extent of team members’ dedication to work together is critical in their training journey. As the company grows, the demand for creating a full-blown training department also increases. Team leads initially did most of the training work aside from their usual supervisory responsibilities. Tossing the everyday workloads with training has become a challenge for most leads and somehow affected their productivity and efficiency. The management eventually decided to build the department that will soon pave the way for our new leaders—the unsung heroes of Omni.

Omni Channel Solutions has adapted to the outlines of many firms in enhancing its team members’ knowledge base by investing in Training and Development. Other businesses find these opportunities very expensive. However, despite the potential drawback, Omni is eager to accommodate the company with substantial benefits that make the cost and time a worthy investment.

What does Strategic Learning mean to Omni’s Center of Leadership and Career Development?

Strategic learning is defined as integrating evaluation to assist organizations in learning swiftly and adapting to business strategies and core competencies. Companies can leverage trainers to enhance their ability to teach. Ultimately, strategic learning aims to encourage team members to become self-directed learners who can adequately learn in any type of environment.

  1. More Competitive Workforce One of the advantages of strategic learning is that Omni will have a more competitive workforce starting from onboarding to continuous coaching. Developing employees’ skills and offering workers fair opportunities will give Omni the resources to pull the most engaged, dedicated, and better-skilled team members.
  2. Better  Workplace Collaboration Training and developing your workers will prepare members to work together as a team, which is particularly valuable when your company relies primarily on collaborations. Inadequately trained employees may be equipped but might have skill gaps that prevent them from keeping up or following their superior’s management, pointing towards a lack of stability in employee performance. Training is important to promote collaboration so that each works effectively based on the organization’s vision rather than just on the purpose of filling in a position.
  3. Effective Strategic Learning Plan It is necessary to explore compelling strategic training solutions. A plan for training team members is vital to fulfilling objectives based on its training foundations. First is taking a close observation at the types of expertise team members will need to make the business functional, then looking at the skill gaps the workforce currently has. Once these are determined, an organization must prioritize them based on value for the business’s success and, finally, explore training methods for new and tenured employees.
  4. Improved Organization Performance New employees can often make errors and might take longer to accomplish tasks than well-trained workers. In the long run, it may cost the organization more money. When team members understand their expectations and have been provided enough knowledge and skills by trainers, company performance will improve. On the other hand, tenured employees can work more quickly, costing the organization fewer wages and getting things done faster for the clients. The quality of their work will also improve so that clients are better served and have a lasting impression of the organization.
  5. Reduced Absenteeism and Employee Attrition Exceptionally skilled and experienced employees help the company dodge both short-term and long-term predicaments with absenteeism and attrition. When employees do not feel the company offers developmental pursuits that prepare them for advancement, they may begin to look somewhere else for a more pleasant work environment.
  6. Boost Employee Morale When team members are prepared to do their responsibilities and feel motivated and inspired to work, they are more likely to increase company productivity. Strategic training also promotes the company culture and collaboration to boost employee morale. New hires or even tenured team members may be more willing to work harder, collaborate with their peers and leads, and complete their work and strive for recognition for high performance.

Training and development may be one of the underrated units and last on the priority list for most companies. Still, when it is organized properly, it is often at the initiative of the Human Resources department. It can be considered as the organization’s asset when it comes to its core functions. There is, however, a cost in organizing proper training sessions for Omni’s team members. Even so, these training programs are more important than ever.

Andreev Martineau Bajet, Omni Channel Solutions Client Operations Lead stated, “Doing training means you are in charge of the first layer of knowledge foundation for team members. Nothing beats hearing ‘Now I get it’ from your trainees after explaining a complex concept to them. It is also extra fulfilling when you see the people you once trained thrive in their respective roles and even got promotions.”

The value of training just can’t be overstated. Be ready to experience the benefits of strategic learning and deliver the training your team members want and deserve. In that case, Omni Channel Solutions can help you get started. Join us and learn about how we strategize training for you.



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