Success in Scaling in the eCommerce Landscape

Omni Channel Solutions offers various digital services to clients and helps meet the organization’s campaign objectives. Each of the following processes is important to sustain the business and ensure a smooth and well-organized system.

Product Setup

This is the initial stage of every eCommerce store where all product details are stored. It includes images, price, description bullets, and other essential information.

Detail Page Optimization

This is the process of enhancing all-important content to ensure the retail readiness of products. Having A+ content on product pages contributes to the brand's legitimacy and overall reputation.

Inventory Management

Product Inventory Management is not as simple as monitoring all inventories. To ensure the accurate number of units in a specific warehouse, one must understand trends, peak seasons, and other key elements. This also involves analysis of the behavior of product transactions during regular periods, peak seasons, and other holidays.

Setup of Coupons and Promotions

With Amazon’s competitive landscape, one must have occasional promotions, discounts, and gimmicks to boost traffic and sales. It is essential to know that creativity and analytical skills are equally important to get ahead of the competition.

Backend Keyword Development

Keyword Development requires the ability to research and interpret trends. Not all keywords will give you the results you need. It takes comprehensive research to develop a solid list of keywords that will capture your target audience and metric.

Filing/Handling of Cases and POAs

The goal of this process is to reinstate customers’ selling privileges and address explicit after-sales concerns. Though it can cover various subjects, 90% of the time, these cases and POAs are filed to resolve issues, particularly those dealing with specific products.

Support for various eCommerce Platforms

Amazon, one of the Big 5 companies in the US, is the largest and most comprehensive eCommerce platform Omni Channel Solutions supports. Its systems, guided by a customer-centric approach and extraordinary vision, build more opportunities to serve its people and the business. 

Aside from Amazon, Omni also had a brief stint working on its eBay and Walmart platforms and engaged with one of its clients’ Product Information Management (PIM), Riversand enterprise. 

Seamless Brand Integration

At Omni Channel Solutions, we are more than just your typical business outsourcing provider. We are your partner you can trust to help you choose the best solutions and realize your vision in the eCommerce landscape. 

  • We have managed and elevated the performances of top-tier brands (Technology, Apparel, Cosmetics, etc.) in the eCommerce and Digital Advertising space.
  • Primary creators of Plans of Actions (POAs) for clients.
  • We have provided immediate resolutions for account issues and recurring cases that have refined overall performance and product detail page content.
  • We have managed an effective online storefront, from adding new listings to updating product detail page attributes (title, images, bullet points, and descriptions), including creating relevant backend keywords to improve listing visibility.
  • Successfully maintained the efficiency of the client’s Amazon account by creating solutions to various problems encountered, including but not limited to product listings, image uploading, and DPO optimization.

Why Omni Channel Solutions?

Whether we’re working with Amazon or new start-up businesses, the culture of collaboration is always at the heart of everything we do. We have Amazon-accredited members and talented professionals with multiple years of experience in the Amazon platform, natural problem-solvers, strong communicators, and innovative thinkers. 

Let us help realize your vision