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Furthering your career and personal development is not meant to be done alone.
Be curious, contribute to the greater good, and collaborate with other awesome people here in Omni.

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To build a world-class organization filled with experts eager to contribute at a high level of professionalism no matter what their passion is. When team members are excited to learn, excited to grow, and eager to engage, it organically creates an environment filled with inspired workers ready to add value for our clients. We want to prove to our clients that our team is capable of producing excellent work, driving authentic results, and going beyond the limits of what we can do. We believe in seamless integration where your Omni-Channel Solutions team member is a part of your organization, a team player you expect to deliver with the same quality as those located at your headquarters.

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Our Core Leadership Team

Meet the people behind the success of Omni Channel Solutions

Lionel Garcia


Vicky Trinidad

Founder, President

Belle T.

HR Business Partner

Andreev B.

Client Success Lead

Andrei B.

Creative Operations Lead

Dustin Q.

eCommerce Operations Lead

Conyvie D.

Associate Team Lead

Love G.

Associate Team Lead

Ace A.

Associate Team Lead

Ron Mallete

Associate Team Lead

Rox S.

Associate Team Lead

Miguel L.

Associate Team Lead

Krell S.A.

Associate Team Lead

Angelo P.

Associate Team Lead

Alrenzo M.

Associate Team Lead

Danj C.

Associate Team Lead

Kisty M.

Associate Team Lead

Cristina B.

Associate Team Lead

Christian B.

Associate Team Lead

Amiel S.

Associate Team Lead

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