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In today’s modern work environment, many people are grappling with sustaining satisfaction from their nine-to-five day jobs and establishing balance in their daily lives. With various reasons such as stagnation, low compensation, lack of management support, and unfitting corporate culture, employees are urged to throw in the towel and seek alternative opportunities elsewhere.

Omni, however, prides itself not only on keeping its top talents aboard but also on getting more people to join its growing team. One of their strategies to accomplish such feats is employee engagement.


What Is Employee Engagement?

William Kahn, an organizational behavior professor at Boston University, defined employee engagement as the harnessing of the workers to their job roles. It is the extent to which people employ and express themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally while performing their tasks. Simply put, it is the dedication and commitment an employee has to their job and organization.

In its continuous pursuit of keeping its team members engaged, Omni reinforces engagement initiatives in its day-to-day operations. By incorporating the following practices into the company culture, employees can work with passion and develop a connection to their role that goes beyond “just a job.”


Employees As The Most Valuable Asset

One-third of people’s entire lives are spent working, and nobody wants to be stuck in the same place doing the same thing for the rest of their careers. A pivotal factor for workers to stay in a company is career growth, which, according to a study by SHRM, 41% of employees consider essential to their job satisfaction.

For eCommerce Associate Cheska C., career growth is a key motivator that continually fuels her to strive and focus on improving herself and her performance.

“Here in Omni, they have always provided us with the necessary training, lectures, and programs to develop our skills and abilities.”

Sharing a glimpse of his journey, Danj C. described his experience as a ‘fun rollercoaster ride.’ “Being a new Associate Team Lead is a challenge I accepted, and that, for me, is the growth I’ve been looking for ever since I started working. I know this role comes with greater responsibilities but with all the things I learned and experienced, plus with the support Omni is providing me, I know I can do this job.”


Two-Way Communication

Feedback is a core element of management communication, and communication is paramount to a successful organization. Without feedback, people are merely wanderers across a field that bears no signs or directions—not even an indication if they’ve successfully managed to reach their assigned goal.

Today’s development-oriented workforce calls for frequent, constructive evaluation from managers to team members, and vice versa. “It helps me know which specific processes or points in my work I need to fix or focus more on.” Cheska elaborated. “It also allows me to make better strategies or decisions for our future goals.”

From the administration to the team members, Omni is nurturing this feedback-rich culture for ongoing development, improved performance, and agile teamwork within the organization.

“The management is very open to the employees’ needs and suggestions, regardless if it’s work-related or not.”

“Everyone from the leaders to the employees listens to each other,” Danj added. “That’s one quality of the people here that I’m most happy about. Even if you’re not personally close to each other, you can still have a good conversation with them.”


Care For People

With all the challenging tasks employees are expected to deal with every day, it’s no surprise that many feel the strain on their well-being at some point in their careers. And while it is true that an organization is not a hundred percent responsible for its employees’ overall welfare, Omni sees to it that they can still do something to help ease whatever burden people may be carrying at the workplace.

“The management is very keen on the well-being of every employee. They are not simply just management—they’re like parents and older siblings who we can depend on.”

Christian F., Senior eCommerce Associate, emphasized that Omni ensures that employees can prioritize the demands of both work and personal life equally, especially in today’s always-on culture where the line between both sides gets blurry. “Omni is always making ways for us to have a work-life balance in our team, particularly during this time of the pandemic. Seeing how supportive they are motivates me to do well and be more efficient at work.”


Good Work Relationships

The relationships employees have with their colleagues affect everything they do professionally and personally. Having strong, healthy personal connections at the workplace can make their nine-to-fives more enjoyable and a lot easier.

Cultivating an environment where the office is not merely a place to work but also a fun space to create meaningful personal relationships is one of Omni’s top priorities. Through simple activities such as Game Day Fridays, Merienda Sessions, Slack Q&As, and Weekly Touchbase, the team members can have fun and socialize with their peers during regular workdays.

“Omni’s engagement efforts help everyone become one,” Alrenzo M., Advertising Associate Team Lead, remarked.

“The opportunity to share knowledge with our teammates makes our working relationship a step higher to becoming a close friend, comrade, or even a buddy to rely on.”

Even in the remote setup, these initiatives help foster a collaborative and engaging environment for everyone across different departments. “The virtual activities allow me to get to know my colleagues, have fun, and take a breather from my tasks,” emphasizes Reporting Specialist Roy A.


Diversity and Inclusion

Most companies like Omni are now driven by a workforce with a broader spectrum of age, gender, ethnicity, and educational background. With increasingly diverse workforces becoming the norm, cultivating an environment that is highly inclusive and engaging adds to the challenge businesses face in their operations.

As Verna Myers, President of Verna Myers Consulting Group, said, “Diversity is being invited to the party; inclusion is being asked to dance.” In a workplace setting, diversity means welcoming employees of different backgrounds and traditions, whereas inclusion is one that values their differences and views them as strengths.

Omni understands that not every person is the same and everyone has their personal goals and strengths that help bring something to the table. However, there’s a sense of belongingness and inclusion present in the workplace that motivates all the team members to work together as one.

Carl D., Advertising Specialist, highlighted how inclusive the people and the overall culture are in the organization.

“They are very welcoming and supportive. I actually feel like I’m a part of a family that loves and trusts me.”

It is the efforts of every team member that drives the whole organization forward. And by empowering their strengths, celebrating their differences, and nurturing their personal and career development, they are more able to deliver work that clients will be proud of.

Omni believes that creating and sustaining a workplace where everyone feels safe, supported, and heard is paramount to the success of any business. That is why we continuously look for ways to get all people—from our leaders to our team members—personally engaged every day.

Here at Omni, we make utmost efforts to cultivate a culture committed to inclusivity, leadership, and compassion. Become a part of our ever-growing team and experience working with passion-fueled individuals today.

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