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The idea of subcontracting your business in an offshore setup has become the norm across multiple industries these days. Even with the global situation that we are dealing with right now, the sheer number of outsourcing companies has been increasing rapidly. It is, however, overwhelming— As a local business owner to venture outside your comfort zone, the notion of affiliating with an outsourcing firm to restructure existing business processes may have a knock-on effect that could alter your entire business model.

What you need to know about Omni Channel Solutions, is that we are all about extending our arms to deliver the best results for our clients. Building your team with Omni while you retain as much control of quality and productivity as you need to, is the most flexible, simple, and cost-effective way to strengthen your current business.

Why choose us?

  1. Labor Cost & Pricing

Like most organizations, your biggest expense is labor, so cost-cutting by hiring talents offshore means getting the quickest way possible to impact your bottom line. Aside from these labor costs, you will also get several outsourcing providers offering services at a very economical rate. However, instead of going for the lowest proposal, compare and find out what exactly you need from other companies offering similar business.

  1. Assets & IT Systems

Our team has a solid system we use for our clients’ outsourcing needs. We have a specialized department that trains new members capable of working remotely due to the ongoing pandemic. We also have up-to-date project management tools that can handle your outsourcing functions as well as a dependable IT Officer, ensuring that all members have their equipment ready for whatever task assigned.

  1. Human Resources

We hire dynamic individuals that reflect your vision and replicate the values of your company’s work culture. Our HR team can help deliver organizational excellence by becoming your partner in strategic execution as well as shaping processes and a culture that together improves your organization’s capacity for change.

  1. Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Our SLA comprises the baseline execution levels of being an outsourcing provider. This contains all the descriptions of the services that we provide, the metrics by which the services will be measured, and the duties and responsibilities of both parties. Establishing this SLA fortifies the value and transparency between us and our client. Having a clear and concise SLA means setting up a long-term alliance and reassurance to getting all tasks and obligations accomplished the right way. 

  1. Portfolio

We have a collection of our best works that will give you a clearer picture of what we are capable of doing. Our successful projects can help you decide if we have what it takes to deliver your requirements. This will also help you assess our quality standard.

  1. Communication 

Communication is an integral part of outsourcing your business. We have developed several platforms that our clients can depend on. Being up-to-date through these online platforms such as email, instant messaging software, chat apps, and video conferencing apps means we are equipped with the essential tools needed to seamlessly communicate your projects among team members and clients. All our communication tools and tech are efficient, functioning, and reliable.

  1. Work Culture

Not a lot of business owners realize how company culture influences productivity. As a business owner, you need to understand what kind of values we promote. If you want your offshore team to stay prolific, you need to be sure they are inspired and emotionally driven. Omni Channel Solutions values the culture of collaboration and teamwork.

  1. Location 

We have offices in both US and the Philippines. Our US Office helps understand what your needs are, recommends the ideal solution, and will walk you through each process. The Philippine office on the other hand is strategically located in the nation’s capital, Metro Manila, and is directly accessible from many large cities in the region that has a pleasant and safe environment for clients to visit and interact whenever required. Both US and PH teams work together to ensure we are giving our clients the right support they need.

  1. Experience

We have been in the industry for almost four years now. We may be a young company, but we have a track record and growth that proves how steadfast we are in getting things done particularly in supporting various clients from different industries. Being your outsourcing provider means we understand your business needs and can effectively translate them into numbers.

  1. Workforce

Our team members are our company’s most important resource, We always make sure that we keep our members engaged, motivated, accountable and consistent. We help them reach their fullest potential. We tripled our size in the past year alone and this just underscores the stability of the company, which translates to stability for your business.

It is imperative to understand the factors and implications involved in Business Outsourcing, particularly when you think about the goals you want to achieve. By outlining your business objectives, you will have a stronger foundation that could establish the necessary metrics needed to attain success. Opting for an outsourcing provider like us, that is aligned with these objectives will also allow your business to create opportunities and minimize risks that you might encounter.

Here at Omni Channel Solutions, we come up with a strategic and in-depth approach to establish the consistency of work for our clients. Our growing team of seasoned and competent professionals will help you course through the expansion of your business and provide all the support you need. Contact us and let us build your business together.

Omni Channel BPO

Omni Channel BPO

We help you scale. Drive operational efficiency leveraging our Philippine based team of professionals.

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