A Visual Identity Overview

Learn more about the brand and how you can use it.

Redefining The Icon

Vicky and Lionel, the founders of Omni Channel, lived in Miami. One day, they found themselves taking the Omni route repeatedly. Lionel mentioned that Omni would make a great name for a business.

A few years later, recalling Lionel’s words and their trip to Miami, the two chose Omni, meaning ‘of all things,’ to use as their business name. The word Omni symbolizes the infinite businesses and processes the company can provide.

When to use this logo?

This is our main logo. This logo is mainly used on digital landscapes, such as social media platforms, online templates and forms, internal posters and announcements, etc.

When to use this logo?

This logo is primarily used on printed collaterals, such as legal documents and forms. You are still allowed to use this online, provided that the company name is legible.

Typeface and Colors

HK Nova Typeface is a typeface family created by Filipino designer, Alfredo Marco Pradil. It is a sans serif font. HK Nova™ is a sans serif typeface that is inspired by the geometric Century Gothic and Futura. It formalizes Century Gothic and softens Futura to form a highly usable hybrid typeface.

#2ea0da or as we like to call it the "Omni Blue" is the official color of Omni Channel Solution, with black and white as accent colors.



Omni Blue


Please take note of the things you cannot do with the logo

Do not use outline

Do not put on blue or black background

Do not invert the logo

Do not change the band color

Do not add reflection

Do not use lowercase

Do not rotate the text

Do not stretch the logo

Do not remove the icon

Do not adjust the overlay

Do not put on a container

Do not interchange

Do not change the text color

Do not change the color

Do not add glow

Do not put logo on top