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As lockdowns became the new normal, establishing an online store has become a necessity and not simply an option for brick-and-mortar businesses. This has led to an accelerated shift towards a more digital world, raising eCommerce’s share of global retail trade from 14% in 2019 to 17% in 2020.

Amazon, Walmart, and eBay set the stage for successful online selling as three of the top eCommerce platforms in the United States. With each of these platforms having massive seller bases that are becoming even bigger over time, competition has become tougher and more challenging. How do you ensure your product will not just be one of the many things people will scroll past when looking for something to buy?


Study Your eCommerce Platform

Each platform has a particular algorithm in place used for several reasons: to increase understanding of the target market, identify customer preferences, and predict customer intent. These are essential in determining which listings will show at the top of the website’s search results page for different terms.

If you’re looking to boost your product and brand visibility on Amazon, eBay, or Walmart, you can first study how their algorithm works, identify the customer demographics you can target for each platform, and explore what resources are available for you to utilize. Knowing at least the basics of the website can help you build an effective eCommerce strategy.


Optimize Your Listings

Have you ever wondered why some products always seem to show up on searches while others barely get any attention? It may be due to many factors, but one aspect contributing to successful online selling is optimizing your product listing.

Product listing optimization is the process of constantly improving and updating your product detail page. By optimizing your listing, you can increase your visibility, boost conversions, and create a personalized experience for your shoppers to ultimately generate sales.

  • Conduct Keyword Research

Implementing a targeted keyword strategy bridges the gap between your target market’s needs and the products you’re offering. The keywords you incorporate in your product detail page tell the algorithm you have what the customer is looking for. Doing this boosts your listing to rank higher on search results and makes it easier for people to find your product.

  • Create Descriptive Product Titles

Every term in your product title is searchable, which makes it hold the most weight for your listing optimization. Remember, you only have a moment to capture a shopper’s attention. Make sure your product title offers enough information to encourage them to click on your listing and learn more about your item.

  • Create High-Quality Product Images

Most eCommerce platforms allow you to show up to nine images on your product detail page. Include as many high-quality images as possible that offer a visual experience of your product’s key features and how they can benefit a potential buyer. Using live models or real settings can further help shoppers envision the size and look of the product you’re selling.

  • Make Use of Bullet Points

More often than not, customers would only spend a short period to decide whether an item is worth buying or not. Bullet points are an excellent way to concisely present your unique selling points (USPs), which helps people quickly skim through the product description and ultimately make an informed purchase decision.

  • Craft Compelling Product Description

The product description is the part of your listing where all possible questions shoppers have about your item are answered: what your product is, why it’s worth buying, and what makes it unique or different from other products. The goal is to provide customers with enough information about your product’s benefits to compel them to hit the “check-out” button.


Utilize Targeted Search Advertising

Standing out on eCommerce can be an uphill battle. If you want to further increase visibility and reach a broader audience, there are advertising opportunities across different platforms you can make the most out of:

Amazon Advertising

  • Sponsored Products provides a quick-and-easy method to widen your search through automatic targeting and generates ads to be displayed in related shopping results and product pages.
  • Sponsored Brands are customizable ads that allow people to be redirected to the store or a custom landing page when clicked.
  • Sponsored Display Ads target customers based on their shopping behavior, which means those who will likely see your ad bought a product in the same or relevant category, browsed listings similar to yours, previously purchased an item from your store, or browsed categories in which your product falls.

Walmart Advertising

  • Search Brand Amplifier allows you to feature your logo, custom headlines, and up to three products to be displayed at the top of a search result listing.
  • Off-site Display Advertising provides an opportunity for vendors to reach potential shoppers beyond the Walmart platform and across Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.
  • Buy Box Banner appears on the product detail page (PDP) and displays relevant alternative or complementary items the shoppers are viewing.

eBay Ads

  • Classified Ads are for businesses such as real estate, specialty services, and others who don’t necessarily sell products but still want to take advantage of eBay’s reach. Shoppers who purchase through classified ads will communicate with the seller and finalize the transaction outside the eBay platform.
  • Promoted Listings are the most common advertising solution on eBay and an excellent way to get your product to the top of the search results.
  • Display Ads allow you to customize your target audience and categorize it based on what you think are the interests of your prospective customers.


Provide Excellent Customer Service

A 2020 study by Bazaarvoice found that 56% of shoppers in the U.S. cited customer reviews as the eCommerce feature they use to make informed purchase decisions. With this, providing excellent customer service has become more significant than ever to acquire positive feedback from buyers.

If you want to build relationships that can help grow your customer base, start by creating an effective customer focus strategy. Pay attention to details and metrics that determine the shopping experience your buyers have with your store. What do your buyers say about your products or service? Are you seeing a high return rate on your items?

Remember, excellent customer service is the foundation of customer loyalty, and customer loyalty is the long-term key to the success of a business. Analyze your data, note customer reviews, and use them to meet your buyers’ needs.


Ready to start your success journey?

The days of simply listing your product in an eCommerce platform are long gone. It’s crucial to stay updated on the latest trends, requirements, and best practices while continuously learning marketing and selling techniques that work best for your brand and your customers.

Omni Channel Solutions can assist you in your journey as you navigate the vast eCommerce landscape. We can help build you a team of capable professionals who will be there to leverage your brand and grow your sales.

Start your own seller success story with Omni Channel Solutions today. Reach out to learn more.

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