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With more businesses venturing into the eCommerce landscape, the digital market has become saturated with different companies striving towards the same goal: to sell their products or services and increase their profits. This makes it more difficult for brands to stand out and capture the ever-changing interests of their prospective customers.

Whether you’re a starting entrepreneur or a business veteran, keeping up with the trends in retail eCommerce is critical for you to survive and thrive in the highly competitive market. Omni is here to help you turn casual browsers into sure buyers with these tips. 

Get to Know Your Audience

Before you even craft your marketing strategy, ask yourself these questions: “Who am I trying to reach?” and“What kind of people do I need to purchase my product?” Many businesses make the mistake of targeting just “anyone who’s interested” in their services, or some general demographic like homeowners, workers, or parents. Doing this may yield no to moderate results in boosting your listing.

In identifying the target market of your brand, it’s vital to make it as specific as possible. Create a profile that includes all the pertinent characteristics of the people who aren’t only interested in your product, but also those who are most likely to purchase it. Consider the following factors:

  • Gender
  • Age group
  • Income range
  • Location
  • Occupation
  • Hobbies
  • Online browsing behavior
  • Lifestyle

Determining who qualifies for these factors is the starting point of your retail marketing process. Having a well-defined target audience will serve as your map that can lead you to a successful marketing strategy.

Know Who Your Competitors Are

In the vastness of the retail eCommerce space, it’s not surprising to find yourself competing with businesses that are selling similar products or services, targeting the same market, and optimizing the same keywords. One method to outstand your competition is to learn and understand the way they do business, then come up with a strategy that separates your brand from them.

Do research on who your competitors are, but don’t just stick with who’s already out there. You need to be constantly on the lookout for potential new competition. Take note of everything they offer and how they market them to their customers. Check their website, social media page, online listings, advertisements, and publicity events, if any. List down all the information you’ve gathered and learn from them.

If your competitors are doing better than you in an area, you need to understand what makes them better in that aspect, then make some changes on your end. Keep in mind, however, that you’re doing this not to imitate them. Instead, try to innovate their outstanding qualities—make them better, and then turn them into your brand’s best features. Don’t forget to innovate your own brand’s strengths and improve on your weaknesses, too.

Craft Descriptive Product Titles and Descriptions

Merely putting your product on eCommerce sites such as Amazon isn’t enough and doesn’t guarantee you the sales and traffic you want for your brand. Many businesses miss out on potentially thousands of dollars in lost revenue because they overlook to incorporate this in their strategy: optimization.

Take a look at your product listings. Does the copy have the appropriate keywords, or does it even have keywords at all? Are the title and description compelling enough to convince someone to hit the “add to cart” button? If not, then you may want to start optimizing your listing by rewriting your product pages into keyword-rich, benefit-driven copies.

Your potential buyers must be able to learn all the pertinent information about the item with just a quick glance. Place the key features and the keyword most relevant to the item in the product title. Then expound on the details in the description. This will help boost your listing’s visibility and traffic.

Try to visualize what your target market’s goals and needs are. What do they want to achieve after using your product? And how will YOUR product help them in attaining that goal? Remember that you aren’t the only fish in the sea. They can easily check other brands if they aren’t satisfied with what they see on yours. Convince them that the item you’re selling is what will meet their specific needs.

Create Eye-Catching Visuals

We are in the era of visual information. What your eyes perceive plays a significant role in your judgment- and decision-making processes. That means, from the perspective of a prospective buyer, the imagery they see on a product listing can make or break their decision to add the item to their virtual carts.

The image displayed on your listing sets people’s first impression of your product. If the visual isn’t enough to catch their eye, it’s more likely for them to browse past your listing and onto other products in their sea of options.

Don’t settle for poor-quality imagery. Make your layout attractive, polished, and professional enough for people to click your listing, read the copy, and eventually check out your item. If you don’t have the skills for that, you can always seek help from professionals who can make your visuals picture-perfect for retail eCommerce.

Optimize Your Campaign

Now that you have identified your target market, crafted a strong title and description, as well as created professional-looking visuals, you’re all set to launch your campaign. However, to conquer the retail eCommerce market, publishing your listing shouldn’t be the end of the process.

It’s essential to continuously look for areas of improvement throughout your selling period. Identify a performance target within a specific timeframe, then check if your listing can hit that goal by the end of your set date. Monitor your campaign’s metrics and take note of all your buyers’ reviews, regardless if they’re positive or negative. These will help you determine what changes are necessary to increase not only the performance of your listing but also the quality of your product and service.

Ensuring that all of your product pages, including their content and keywords are updated is your weapon to successful marketing. For better results, you may want to invest in a professional who specializes in this area to guarantee that your campaign is strategically optimized and any lapses are immediately addressed.

Omni Channel Solutions is the home of results-driven specialists who can help your brand stand out in the vast eCommerce landscape. Our team can assist you in identifying the right keywords most relevant to your listing and ensuring that your product is highly visible to your intended market. We also have a pool of talented creatives who can evoke maximum engagement through visually appealing graphics and images, as well as writers who can craft compelling product descriptions for your listings.

Elevate your brand and yield great results with Omni Channel Solutions. Work with us today.

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Omni Channel BPO

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